CAPG Copper Aluminium Parallel Groove Bimetallic PG clamp

Parallel groove clamps (PG) or parallel groove connectors were developed to connect two self-supporting ABC cables. We offer PG of two types of cable system: • Aluminum only based connections (bare aluminum, aluminum steel reinforced); • Copper only based connections, or bimetal connections (aluminum-copper). Parallel groove clamps (PG) are applied in low voltage cable lines, service line system, street lightning and buildings.
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Description:CAPG Cu-Al Parallel Groove Clamp is used for the Non-bearing connection and offset of aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire, it's used with insulating cover for the effect of protective and insulation.



Conductor Cross-section (mm2)



Cu 6-50 Al 16-70



Cu 10-95 Al 25-150



Cu 6-50 Al 16-70



Cu 10-95 Al 25-150



Cu 25-185 Al 35-200



Cu 6-50 Al 16-70



Cu 10-95 Al 25-150



Cu 25-185 Al 35-240



Cu 35-240 Al 35-300


There are several instances where you are compelled to install conductors parallel to each other. One of them is when you want to install a second conductor in a closed loop.  Such applications require you to buy a parallel grove clamp.

A parallel groove clamp comprises two components, the upper part, and the lower side. They are drawn together to exert the clamping force on the transmission line. This can be a power line or a telecommunication cable.

The groove clamps are made of heavy-duty aluminum which is strong and resistant to various forms of chemical and physical damage. The aluminum metal also provides takes the excessive clamping force that is required when clamping parallel conductors. It also provides resistance to UV-rays.

The parallel groove conductors feature a ‘precise fit’ design. This allows it to be clamped accurately and offer the desired support.  The design also allows the clamp to support different conductor sizes. The parallel groove provides a platform onto which the conductor will rest.


  • Has pressure pads on its edges to withstand the excessive clamping force
  • Comes with high strength to complete the connection during the installation
  • Provides a perfect electrical contact while minimizing corrosion
  • Pressure is uniformly distributed across the clamp
  • Resistant to high-temperature changes  
What is a parallel groove clamp?

It is a transmission line accessory that is used for connecting parallel conductors but still ensures that they don’t come in direct contact. This is mainly achieved because of the parallel grooves which provide the resting points for each conductor.

How does the parallel groove clamp provide protection?

The power line accessory is polished and varnished with UV-resistant material to resist the effects of the UV rays. The grooves also shield the conductors from the effects of corrosion and damage due to physical contact.

What are the dimensions of the parallel groove clamps?

Parallel groove clamps come in different dimensions. This is to make them compatible and usable in their respective areas of applications. A variety of dimensions also ensures that it can hold onto different conductors.

Can I get customized parallel groove?

Yes. We customize the parallel grooves depending on the needs of our clients. We can tweak the shape and design of the parallel groove clamp according to your specifications.

How is the parallel groove clamp installed?

You simply need to bring the upper and lower parts of the clamp together then close the bolts onto their respective positions. Of course the lines will be passing through the grooves.

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