CT-1 1KV electric cable easy Tap Insulation Piercing Connectors puncture clamp

Code:CT-1 Cable Size:6-95mm² /1.5-6mm² Description:This series of connectors are suitable for low voltage electricity distribution networks. Have advantages of Superb usability, easy installation and good materials.
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CT-1 1KV electric cable easy Tap Insulation Piercing Connectors puncture clamp

Description: The insulation piercing connectors are applicable for all types of LV-ABC conductors as well as connections in service line system, building electrical system and street lighting system. Insulation piercing connectors can be easily done by tightening the bolts to force the teeth penetrate the insulation of main line and tap line simultaneously. Stripping of insulation is avoided for both lines.

● Main line: Insulated aluminium cable

● Tap line: Insulated aluminium cable or Insulated copper cable

● Body is moulded from tough and weather resistant materials

● Special designed shear head bolt allows efficient installation under controlled shear torque which ensure the contact teeth properly penetrate the conductor without damaging the mechanical strength of the conductor

● Tested for watertightness at the voltage of 6kV for 1min under water

● Safe live-line installation

● Seals and grease are applied to prevent moisture entering the cable and connector which guarantees excellent waterproof and corrosion resistant performance

● End cap is attached to the body. No loose parts could fall to ground during installation 

● Standard: EN 50483-4, NFC 33-020, NFC 33-004

General of insulation piercing connector(lPC) 
1.1 Piercing connector, simple installation, need not strip the cable coat. 
1.2 Moment nut, piercing pressure is constant, keep good electrìc connection and make no damage to lead 
1.3 Self-seam frame,wetproof, waterproof,and anti-corrosion, extend the using life of insulated lead and connector 
1.4 Adopted special connectìng tablet, apply to joint of Cu(Al) and Cu(Al) or Cu and Al 
1.5 Small electric connecting resistance, connecting resistance less than 1.1 tìmes of the resistance of branch conductor wìth the same length
1.6 Special insulated case body, resistance to illuminatìon and environmental aging, the insulation strength can up to 12KV 
1. 7 Arc surface design,apply to connection with the same(different) diameter, wide connection scope(0.75mm2-400mm2)

Full range of ABC Insulation Piercing Connectors used to tap off low voltage XLPE insulated Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC).
1).Adjust the connector nut to suitable location.
2).Put the branch wire into the cap sheath fully.
3).Insert the main wire, if there are two lays of insulated lay in the main cable, should strip a certain length of the first insulated lay from inserted end.
4).Turn the nut by hand, and fix the connector in suitable location.
5).Screw the nut with the sleeve spanner.
6).Screw the nut continually until the top part is cracked and dropped down.

What are the applications of insulated piercing connectors?

As the name suggests, insulated piercing connectors complete the connections from the main wires to the subsidiary wires. One common application is on the street lights where they connect the lamp wire to the main live conductor.

What is the reliability of insulated piercing clamp?

These connectors are designed and manufactured to be reliable. The strength of thermoplastic fibre material is one of the factors that makes the connectors reliable. Also, the design of the clamp ensures that there is safe contact with the conductors.

How to install an insulated piercing connector?

For proper insulation, you will need a spanner. You should also be cautious with the live wire when installing this transmission line accessory.

Start by identifying the correct cable from the cable and isolate it using a phase separator. Insert the selected cable into the piercing tap of the clamp. This tap is on the main side of the clamp.

Loosen the shear nut to properly accommodate the cable in the tap. You can then tighten the nut using a spanner until the top hex shears off.

What accessories come with the connector?

The insulated piercing connector features a galvanized steel bolt that has a hex head. The bolt allows you to clamp and unclamp the cables when needed.

Technical specification



Main Cable Line:


Branch Cable Line:


Norminal Current:


Piercing Depth:






Tightening Torque:


CT-1 1KV electric cable easy Tap Insulation Piercing Connectors puncture clamp

CT-1 1KV electric cable easy Tap Insulation Piercing Connectors puncture clamp

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