Guy Wire Rope Thimble

Wire Guy thimble, also known as the cable thimble or stay wire thimble, is utilized for working as an interface on pole band to connect to the guy grip. The guy thimble is extensively utilized for the electric power line or a dead end line. In addition to that, the cable thimble generally connects with the already formed tension clamp for supporting and protecting the ADSS cable. The cable thimble is generally used as an accessory. Moreover, it is also utilized on a stay rod for connecting the guy wire. The structure of a guy thimble is quite comprehensive and simple. The guy thimble is bent with the help of an internal contour so that it can fit in multiple strand sizes. Moreover, the smooth channel is for preventing the concentration of stress on a single point. The raw material used in a guy thimble is steel sheet having altering thickness and the punching machine cuts the steel into two ends at specific angles. The thimble has no sharp or protruding ends and the sheet is bent to a crescent shaped body. It is gone through galvanization according to the standards set by ISO 1461. The finished surface is free from burrs and is smooth.
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Guy Wire Rope Thimble

Guy Wire Rope Thimble

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Wire Guy Thimble for Steel Wire The Ultimate Guide

There are types of hardware can be used for guy wire, which is widely used power and telecommunication pole.

One of the fittings is the guy thimble, I will guide you what are guy thimbles and what you should consider when choosing them.

What is a guy thimble?

A guy thimble terminates the electrical connection or wire professionally. It minimizes any leakage in the current to offer protection against electrical failures and overheating. It does so as it protects from improper terminations of connections. Moreover, it is necessary to utilize the size and kind of guy thimble while using it for different connections.

Guy Wire Rope Thimble

Where is it used?

A high risk of crushing is present when a professional is trying to connect a wire to other components. The guy thimble saves the rope through connecting to the eye and provides more support. In addition, the guy thimble also makes a natural curve and guides the eye of the wire. You can get guy thimbles in various materials and strengths. The guy thimble has a radius in a way that adds to the strength of the ropes. It also finds it uses in different wire rope grips, turnbuckles, and shackles. The guy thimble has different components positioned at certain angles. It is highly important so the anchor has an efficient performance.Guy Wire Rope Thimble

What are the types of guy thimble?

A cable thimble or a stay thimble is available in standard duty fabrication in light and heavy duty style.

If you want a heavy duty performance, then you should choose a heavy thimble wire for rope. You can get both styles in a zinc-plated metal usable in all types of environment.

If there is a wet environment such as marine application, you can get the rope wire thimble in stainless steel.

What are the specs of guy thimble?

There are different diameters and dimensions available in the steel sheets for a guy thimble. The steel sheet is cut in different angular ends with the help of a punching machine. There are no sharp edges of guy thimble.

The main body of the rope wire thimble has a crescent shape. The surface undergoes a special treatment process for hot dip galvanization in regard to ISO 1461. There are no rough edges on the surface which has undergone galvanization.

How to install a guy thimble?

You need to collect all equipment required to install a guy thimble. You need to select the material wisely as the requirements for the installation of the steel cable thimble are different. It means that the thimble in stay set might have varied needs. You will need to fix the base securely at the points for the fixture. The fixing points are used in connecting the anchor points and the turnbuckles. You do not need to stress the pole structure of the stainless steel wire rope thimbles. For that, locate the anchor of the thimble eyes a little far from the base of the pole.

You will need to remove the shipping pin and the screw from below and then the top one by one. After that, slide the guy plate at the top with the guy support from the pole. Put the components back in reverse order. You will need to screw the locks correctly so you are sure that there are strong connections that are not mountable.

How does it get manufactured?

Thimble manufacturers make cable thimbles through a specific process. If the machines are available, you can use different thimble material depending on the function. Mostly, thimble material includes guy wire hardware such as steel sheets of varying lengths. Cutting tools and punching machines are also used. Then, the thimble set is made through the assembly of the components as it is placed on the working bench. There are different sizes available for the steel sheets that depend on the requirements.

A pipe like a shape gets vertically cut in two different parts. An internal contour is made in the steel sheet which is then bent. The resulting contour is made smooth to make sure it fits the varying sizes. It is used for preventing stress in specific areas to avoid the process of crushing.

You can select a different number of sheets depending on the size of the strand. Thimble manufacturers use a punching machine for cutting it in different angular ends. The cable thimble is bent again to a crescent shape before the final process.

The final process for making the wire rope thimbles is the process of hot dip galvanization. It makes the thimble resistant to corrosion. There is a thick coating due to the process which is known as zinc coating. The cable thimble and stay wire for electric pole are then finally ready for cable thimble installation.

You will need the help of other professionals to raise the pole in an upright position and then make it stand on the base plate. You will need to attach the sets at the bottom with the anchors of the turnbuckles. It is important to make them as tight as you can before you proceed to analyse the vertical.

You can use a work platform lifted to a certain height for getting the right pole length. This is the position where you will install the thimble in stay set. An important point to note in the cable thimble installation is that you need to use the thimble for wire rope in conjunction with the cable and the rope. You will, therefore, need to be sure it is tightened to the thimble eye.

In addition, you need to make sure it is of the ideal dimension as it might slip out in the rotation otherwise. Thimble size meaning also includes acknowledging that an oversized thimble will not fit well with other connections. You will need to make sure the connections have sizes with the right matching. This is also an important point to consider in thimble size meaning.

In addition, you will need to utilize a set of pliers so you can easily open the guy wire thimble. Insert the other parts before it gets returned to its original shape. You can use small guy thimbles in twisted forms using hand. However, you might need to use a pipe and a vice for a heavy-duty thimble.

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