Low Voltage Energy House service Cable Anchoring

Code:LA2 Cable size:2x6 to 4x25mm2 This Low Voltage Energy House service Cable Anchoring assembly is designed for fixing low voltage service A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors) with capacity of 2x6 to 4x25mm2.
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Low Voltage Energy House service Cable Anchoring 

Anchoring clamp:

- The body is made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material.

  • -  The wedge is made of UV resistant synthetic material. 4 channels ensure the clamping of 2 or 4 conductors by distributing the loads, protecting the insulation. It is connected to the handle via its integrated link.

  • -  The handle and the hook have good corrosion resistance: stainless steel for K307 and galvanized steel for K309 and L311.

  • -  The hook can be adjusted once positioned (toothed rack with 10cm stroke).

  • -  All of the elements are captive.

  • -  The tensile strength is 200daN. Fixing clamp and bracket:
    - These elements are made of aluminium alloy.

  • -  The fixing clamp is designed for single anchoring whereas the bracket offers up to 6 fixing points.

  • -  Their specific design allows fixing on wooden, metal or concrete poles.

  • -  The fixing clamp is implemented using a 10mm diameter bolt or using a 20x0.7mm stainless steel strap (tensile strength: 200daN).

  • -  The fixing bracket is implemented using a 14 or 16mm diameter bolt or using two 20x0.7mm stainless steel straps (tensile strength: 200daN/anchoring point).
    This anchoring assembly meets the criteria of the NF C 33-042 and EN 50-483 standards.

  • Low Voltage Energy House service Cable Anchoring

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