DTL-2 Bimetallic Cable Lug

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DTL-2 Bimetallic Cable Lug

Material: E-Cu; A1-99.6%

Surface treatment: Bright

Products property: Due to the coupling effect when Aluminium comes in contact with Copper, corrosion will happen in a short time. Currently the best solution is to use Aluminium-Copper bi-metal connectors.A bimetal lug should be used for termination. The friction welding is well done. And its barrel capped is filled with joint compound to avoid oxidization. The type is follow IEC 61238-1.

Type Amm) P±0.3 D±0.5 d±0.3 L±3 L1±0.3 W±0.5 S±0.3
DTL-2-16-11 Φ11 Φ16 Φ6 80 40 Φ20 3
DTL-2-25-11 Φ11 Φ16 Φ7 80 40 Φ20 3
DTL-2-35-11 Φ11 Φ16 Φ8.5 80 40 Φ20 3
DTL-2-50-13 Φ13 Φ20 Φ10 90 43 Φ25 4.5
DTL-2-70-13 Φ13 Φ20 Φ11.5 90 43 Φ25 4.5
DTL-2-95-13 Φ13 Φ20 Φ13.5 90 43 Φ25 4.5
DTL-2-120-13 Φ13 Φ25 Φ15 115 59 Φ30 5.5
DTL-2-150-13 Φ13 Φ25 Φ16.5 115 59 Φ30 5.5
DTL-2-185-13 Φ13 Φ32 Φ18.5 122 60 Φ30 6
DTL-2-240-13 Φ13 Φ32 Φ21 122 60 Φ35 6
DTL-2-300-13 Φ13 Φ34 Φ23.5 128 65 Φ35 6
DTL-2-400-17 Φ17 Φ40 Φ26 160 90 Φ36 6
DTL-2-500-17 Φ17 Φ40 Φ30 160 95 Φ36 6
DTL-2-630-17 Φ17 Φ47 Φ33.5 205 95 60 10

DTL-2 Bimetallic Cable Lug

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