Bolt Type Bi-metal Lug

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Copper lug has tin-plated and non-tinned surfaces, tube-pressed and oil-blocking. It is used for connecting the wires and cables to the connectors on the electrical equipment.The hole of cable lug connects the screw, and the end of cable lug is connected with the copper core of the peeled wire and cable.It is mainly used in cable and switch, cable and busbar and other electrical equipment connection, also used to connect the line, such as cable and overhead line connection.

Widely used in household appliances, electrical industry, mechanical equipment factory, shipyard, distribution cabinet distribution box, etc. The product has good appearance and good electrical conductivity and safety.

There are two commonly surface treatment used:

1. Pickling, the acid-washed color and the original color of the red copper are basically the same, 

which can maintain a nice appearance, anti-oxidant, and more conductive to electricity.

2. Tin-plated, the surface of tin-plated copper lug is silver-white, which can better prevent oxidation and conduct electricity, and can prevent the diffusion of harmful gases generated by copper during the conductive process.

Installation Precautions:

1. The screw must be tightened.

2. The cable and copper lug must be inserted in place and pressed with crimping tools.

Bolt Type Bi-metal Lug

Bolt Type Bi-metal Lug

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