What are the main power fittings

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1. According to the function and structure, it can be divided into suspension clamp, tension clamp, ut clamp, connection fittings, connection fittings, protection fittings, equipment clamps, T-shaped clamps, bus fittings, stay wire fittings, etc; According to the purpose, it can be used for line fittings and substation fittings.

2. According to the product units of electric power fittings, they are divided into four units: malleable cast iron, forging, aluminum copper aluminum and cast iron.

3. It can also be divided into national standard and non-national standard

4. According to the main performance and purpose of fittings, they can be roughly divided into:

● suspension fittings, also known as support fittings or suspension clamps. This kind of hardware is mainly used to hang the conductor insulator string (mostly used for linear pole tower) and the jumper on the insulator string.

● anchoring fittings, also known as fastening fittings or wire clamp. This kind of fittings is mainly used to fasten the terminal of the conductor to fix it on the resistant insulator string. It is also used for fixing the terminal of the lightning conductor and anchoring the stay wire.

● connecting fittings, also known as wire hanging parts. This kind of fittings is used to connect insulator strings and fittings to fittings

● connecting fittings, which are specially used to connect various bare conductors and lightning wires. The connection bears the same electrical load as the conductor, and most of the connection fittings bear all the tension of the conductor or lightning conductor.

● protective hardware, which is used to protect conductors, insulators, etc

● contact fittings, which are used to connect the hard bus and soft bus with the outgoing terminal of electrical equipment, T-connection of conductor and non stress parallel connection, etc
● fixed fittings,This hardware is used for fixing and connecting various hard or soft buses and post insulators in power distribution devices.

What are the main power fittings

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