LV ABC accessories

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The clamps are designed to anchor self-supporting LV-ABC lines with 2 to 4 cores. The wedge type clamp is self-adjusting. Pilot wires or street lighting conductors are led alongside the clamp.
The insertion of conductors is facilitated by an integrated spring, which helps open the clamp. The version with movable arms in addition simplifies the installation.

LV ABC accessories


  • Single M12 bolt and self-locking nut allow clamp to be fixed also to closed eye screws and brackets
  • Short length of approx. 320 mm
  • Exceeds requirements according to ESI 43-14 and VDE 0211 and in futureto CENELEC prEN 50483-2
  • Clamp made of weather and UV light resistant glass fibre reinforced polymer and hot dip galvanized steel
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