Introduction of Heavy Duty Connector Series

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In the application fields of robots, mechanical equipment, factory automation equipment, wind energy and electric power, the equipment continues to be miniaturized, which also puts forward higher requirements for connectors. Connectors need to achieve higher power and provide the required flexibility for modular, hybrid solutions.

SMICO's ​​high-density heavy-duty connectors can do the job. It has a number of advantages, including: high-reliability "box-shaped" 3-side contact terminal technology, dynamic contacts ensure uninterrupted and reliable electrical connection, and reduce the possibility of failure caused by vibration in an industrial environment

Up to 48-bit high-density signal module, a single connector can realize 288-bit signal transmission, and it also brings a 32-bit 360° EMC shielding module, which provides a variety of options for miniaturized design and compatible transmission requirements for power signals.

The traditional modular design of heavy-duty connectors allows flexible adjustment of the design interface. Semi-automatic or fully automatic crimping process assembly, the assembly is more stable, time-saving and labor-saving, semi-automatic crimping helps to increase the working hours by 50%

One connector can realize high-efficiency power, signal, and data mixed transmission.

Infinite linkage, all in it. SMICO series connectors not only provide reliable electrical connections, fast and cost-effective installation, but also tailor-made solutions with higher density and high stability for hybrid transmission according to customer needs to help improve operational efficiency

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